Board and Volunteers

President: Paul Emblin

VP: Amanda Velicevic

Executives at Large
Jeremy Andrews & Jacquelyn Carr

Registration: Jay Hahn


Race Coordinator:  Carole Emblin

Equipment Manager:  Jeremy Andrews

Safety Coordinator: Jennifer Beasley

Coaches:  Mark Heung, Tim Howell, Sandra Grenier-Howell, Dorota Ulman

Dryland Coach: Bret Carr

We are always looking for volunteers for our day-to-day operations and for our events.  Our Current Needs include:

  • IT Support (wordpress website management, social media)
  • Marketing support (recruiting, brand awareness)
  • registrar
  • assistant coaches
  • Event Support (officials, hospitality, general support)
  • Grant Management

We are also looking for:

  • Legal advice for by-laws
  • Extra Storage space

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